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Dreamy Cacao Maca Latte

Looking for a new Fall Beverage?  Look no further!  This maca latte is one of my favorites – and is a tasty way to add maca to your diet!  It’s a no-coffee latte (although you can add coffee if you’d like).  It’s warm, comforting, and delicious!

I’d love the recipe!

FREE Recipe Books

My treat to you – FREE Seasonal Recipe Books!

If you are needing to avoid or limit certain foods due to allergies, sensitivities, and/or preferences, I’ve got you covered!  All recipes are gluten and dairy free, and most recipes have vegan and nut-free options. 

fall recipe Book

Winter recipe Book

Spring recipe Book

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Holiday Treats Recipe Book

Immune Support Tips

I’ve put a list together of practical tips you can use to support your immune system right now through nutrition and lifestyle choices. When your immune system has the fuel and support it needs, it can do it’s best job in helping fight against viruses. A supported and strong immune system isn’t a guarantee that you won’t get sick, but it is a tool you have that can reduce your risk. It can also help you recover quicker if you do get sick.

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Q&A with a nutritionist

The first Friday of every month, you have a chance to meet me and get your nutrition, food relationship, and/or body image questions answered.  Best part – it’s totally free! 

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My Favorite Chili

I LOVE this chili recipe.  It’s nutrient-dense and delicious!  It also makes a large batch, so there’s plenty of leftovers that I can freeze or use for lunch during the week.  Click below to download and start cooking!

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